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Hotel ST.179 is located in the Michuhol-gu district of Incheon, offering a convenient stay for travelers. It is situated within a short 5-minute drive from Incheon Bowlingjang, providing guests with easy access to enjoy a fun bowling experience. Additionally, the famous Jayu Park is also just a short drive away, allowing visitors to explore the beautiful greenery and relax in a peaceful environment.

For sports enthusiasts, Gocheok Sky Dome is a must-visit destination, located approximately 11.8 miles (18.9 kilometers) from the hotel. This magnificent dome hosts various sporting events and concerts, offering a thrilling experience for attendees. Guests staying at Hotel ST.179 can easily plan a trip to this iconic venue and enjoy an unforgettable time.

In addition to the exciting attractions nearby, the hotel provides convenient access to the NC Cube Canal Walk, which is approximately 5 miles (8.1 kilometers) away. This vibrant shopping and entertainment complex offers a wide range of retail stores, dining options, and entertainment venues, ensuring that guests can indulge in a memorable shopping experience during their stay.

Hotel ST.179 offers comfortable accommodations and excellent amenities to ensure a pleasant stay for its guests. With its strategic location in the Michuhol-gu district, visitors can easily explore the surrounding area and discover the various attractions and activities it has to offer.

Whether you are a leisure traveler looking to relax in nature, a sports enthusiast seeking thrilling events, or a shopaholic in search of the latest fashion trends, Hotel ST.179 provides the perfect base for your adventures in Incheon.

ST.179 location:

Places of interest near the accommodation

Touristic places to visit near ST.179:

Located in 11번지 179 Juan-dong, Michuhol-gu, Nam-gu, Incheon, 22140, South Korea, ST.179 is a bustling area with a plethora of exciting attractions nearby. With convenient subway access, exploring these tourist hotspots is a breeze.

  • Incheon Grand Park: Nature enthusiasts will delight in a visit to Incheon Grand Park, situated just a short distance from ST.179. This expansive park offers lush greenery, beautiful walking trails, and serene picnic spots. Visitors can also admire the park’s stunning botanical gardens and enjoy a leisurely boat ride on the lake.
  • Songdo Central Park: A must-visit destination for art lovers, Songdo Central Park is a scenic waterfront park renowned for its stunning architecture and outdoor sculptures. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll along the picturesque promenade or rent a bike to explore the park’s vast grounds. Don’t miss the mesmerizing Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, which comes alive with vibrant colors in the evening.
  • Chinatown: Located in the heart of Incheon, Chinatown is a vibrant cultural enclave filled with traditional Chinese architecture, bustling markets, and mouthwatering street food. Visitors can immerse themselves in the rich history and culture of the area by exploring the numerous shops, restaurants, and museums that showcase the Chinese heritage.
  • Ganghwa Island: For those seeking a day trip adventure, Ganghwa Island is an ideal choice. Accessible by ferry, this island is home to ancient temples, fortresses, and beautiful beaches. History buffs will be enthralled by the UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Ganghwa Dolmen Park and Goryeogung Palace. The island also offers scenic hiking trails and breathtaking views of the surrounding coastline.
  • Wolmido Island: Situated just off the coast of Incheon, Wolmido Island is a popular amusement park destination. Visitors can enjoy thrilling rides, indulge in delicious street food, and soak up the lively atmosphere. The island also boasts stunning coastal views and beautiful sandy beaches, perfect for a relaxing day by the sea.

With such a diverse range of attractions near ST.179, visitors are sure to find something to suit their interests. Whether it’s exploring nature, immersing in culture, or seeking adventure, these touristic places offer an unforgettable experience.




11번지 179 Juan-dong, Michuhol-gu, Nam-gu, Incheon, 22140, South Korea
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