Ongjin 365 Island Pension (Deokjeokdo Seopo-ri)

Ongjin 365 Island Pension (Deokjeokdo Seopo-ri)

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Hotel Ongjin 365 Island Pension (Deokjeokdo Seopo-ri) is a charming accommodation located at 166-22, Deokjeoknam-ro 606beon-gil, Deokjeok-myeon, Ongjin-gun, Incheon, South Korea. It offers visitors a tranquil and scenic escape on Deokjeokdo Island, which is a part of the Ongjin County in Incheon.

This island pension provides guests with a unique and unforgettable experience of staying on an island surrounded by nature. The location offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, forests, and the beautiful West Sea. The peaceful and untouched environment makes it an ideal retreat for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.

Ongjin 365 Island Pension offers various types of accommodations to cater to different needs. From spacious and comfortable rooms to cozy cottages, they provide diverse lodging options to suit families, couples, and solo travelers. The rooms are well-appointed with modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay for all guests.

Guests at Ongjin 365 Island Pension can enjoy a wide range of activities and amenities during their stay. The hotel features a 24-hour front desk for convenient check-in and check-out. The friendly staff is always available to assist with any inquiries or requests.

For those who enjoy outdoor activities, the hotel offers hiking trails that allow guests to explore the natural beauty of Deokjeokdo Island. The island is also perfect for birdwatching, as it is home to a variety of bird species.

In addition to the stunning natural surroundings, the hotel boasts a restaurant that serves delicious Korean cuisine. Guests can indulge in traditional dishes made with fresh local ingredients.

For guests who prefer to relax and unwind, the hotel offers a sauna where they can rejuvenate their body and mind. The sauna provides a tranquil atmosphere and is the perfect place to unwind after a day of exploring the island.

Ongjin 365 Island Pension is also conveniently located near popular tourist attractions in the area. Guests can visit the nearby Ongjin Folk Museum to learn about the local culture and history. The museum showcases a wide range of artifacts and exhibits.

Ongjin 365 Island Pension (Deokjeokdo Seopo-ri) location:

Places of interest near the accommodation

Ongjin 365 Island Pension (Deokjeokdo Seopo-ri) is nestled in the charming village of Deokjeok-myeon, Ongjin-gun, Incheon, South Korea. Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, this tranquil location offers visitors a delightful escape from the bustling city life. With its convenient location, there are several touristic places nearby that one should not miss while staying at this idyllic pension.

1. Deokjeokdo Island: Just a stone’s throw away from the pension, Deokjeokdo Island is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. The island boasts stunning landscapes, including lush forests, picturesque beaches, and captivating cliffs. Visitors can take a leisurely hike along the well-maintained trails, immersing themselves in the island’s serene ambiance.

2. Deokjeokdo Lighthouse: Standing tall on the island, the Deokjeokdo Lighthouse offers panoramic views of the surrounding sea and the island itself. It is an ideal spot for nature lovers and photographers to capture breathtaking sunsets and seascapes. The lighthouse provides a peaceful and serene atmosphere, perfect for contemplation and relaxation.

3. Deokjeokdo Seawater Spa: For those seeking rejuvenation and relaxation, the Deokjeokdo Seawater Spa is a must-visit. The spa utilizes the therapeutic properties of seawater to provide visitors with an invigorating and refreshing experience. The panoramic views of the ocean from the spa add to the overall ambiance, creating a truly immersive and soothing environment.

4. Deokjeokdo Museum: To learn more about the rich history and culture of Deokjeokdo Island, a visit to the Deokjeokdo Museum is highly recommended. The museum showcases various artifacts, exhibits, and interactive displays that provide insights into the island’s past. Visitors can delve into the island’s folklore, traditional crafts, and local customs, gaining a deeper understanding of its heritage.

To make the most of their stay, visitors can also indulge in various outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking, and cycling around the island. Additionally, the local cuisine, including fresh seafood and regional delicacies, is not to be missed.

Ongjin 365 Island Pension (Deokjeokdo Seopo-ri)
Ongjin 365 Island Pension (Deokjeokdo Seopo-ri)
Ongjin 365 Island Pension (Deokjeokdo Seopo-ri)



166-22, Deokjeoknam-ro 606beon-gil, Deokjeok-myeon, Ongjin-gun, Incheon, South Korea
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