Hidden Bay Hotel

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Nestled in the serene neighborhood of Sinwol-dong, just on the outskirts of Yeosu, the Hidden Bay Hotel offers a charming and tranquil retreat for guests seeking a peaceful getaway.

This well-located hotel sits along a picturesque boardwalk, known for its natural beauty and stunning coastal scenery, with nearby attractions such as Unchon Beach Park and Jongpo Marine Park just a stone’s throw away.

For those looking for aquatic adventures, Aqua Planet Yeosu and The Ocean Resort are popular destinations in the vicinity.

Guests at Hidden Bay Hotel will find plenty of recreational activities to indulge in, with a myriad of options for outdoor pursuits. From boat tours to golfing, there are ample opportunities for water-based adventures and leisurely outdoor activities.

Sports enthusiasts will also find excitement at Expo Takgoojang and Jinnan Sports Park, which host thrilling events and games for entertainment.

The central location of Hidden Bay Hotel is highly appreciated by guests, as it provides easy access to various attractions and amenities in the surrounding area.

Whether guests are seeking a serene getaway or looking to indulge in outdoor activities, Hidden Bay Hotel offers a convenient and picturesque base for travelers looking to explore the natural beauty of Yeosu and its surrounding areas.



496-25, Sinwol-ro, 59747 Yeosu, South Korea
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