Ganghwa Ecopension&Glamping

Ganghwa Ecopension&Glamping

Recommended accommodation in Incheon

Located in Incheon, the Ganghwa Ecopension&Glamping is a charming accommodation option that offers a delightful stay for travelers. This eco-friendly hotel is conveniently situated within a 10-minute drive of Jeondeungsa Temple and Ganghwa Luge, providing easy access to these popular attractions.

Guests staying at the Ganghwa Ecopension&Glamping can enjoy the tranquility of its surroundings while being just a short distance away from the bustling city center. The hotel’s prime location allows guests to explore the nearby Manisan, a scenic mountain that offers breathtaking views and hiking trails. Additionally, the beautiful Dongmak Beach is also within close proximity, perfect for those seeking some sun, sand, and sea.

The Ganghwa Ecopension&Glamping prides itself on its commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. The hotel features eco-friendly amenities and practices, ensuring that guests can enjoy their stay while minimizing their ecological footprint.

With its spacious and well-appointed rooms, the Ganghwa Ecopension&Glamping provides a comfortable and cozy retreat for guests. Each room is thoughtfully designed with modern furnishings and decor, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Guests can relax and unwind in the privacy of their rooms, which are equipped with all the necessary amenities for a pleasant stay.

For those looking for a unique and unforgettable experience, the Ganghwa Ecopension&Glamping offers glamping accommodations. Glamping, a combination of glamorous and camping, allows guests to enjoy the beauty of nature without sacrificing comfort. The glamping tents are luxuriously furnished and provide a cozy and intimate setting for an extraordinary stay.

In addition to its comfortable accommodations, the Ganghwa Ecopension&Glamping also offers a range of facilities and services to enhance the guest experience. The hotel features a restaurant that serves delicious and locally sourced cuisine, allowing guests to indulge in the flavors of the region. A fitness center is also available for those who wish to stay active during their stay.

The friendly and attentive staff at the Ganghwa Ecopension&Glamping are always ready to assist guests with any inquiries or requests. Whether it’s arranging transportation, providing recommendations for local attractions, or ensuring a seamless check-in and check-out process, the staff is dedicated to ensuring a memorable and enjoyable stay for every guest.

Ganghwa Ecopension&Glamping location:

Places of interest near the accommodation

Ganghwa Ecopension&Glamping is nestled in the serene countryside of Gilsang-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon, South Korea. While staying at this charming accommodation, visitors have the opportunity to explore the surrounding area and discover its hidden treasures. Here are some of the top touristic places to visit near Ganghwa Ecopension&Glamping:

  • Ganghwa Dolmen Sites: Located just a short distance away, the Ganghwa Dolmen Sites are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These ancient megalithic tombs date back to the Bronze Age and offer a glimpse into Korea’s rich history.
  • Ganghwa Peace Observatory: Situated on the northernmost point of Ganghwa Island, the Ganghwa Peace Observatory provides panoramic views of the nearby North Korean border. Visitors can learn about the history and current situation between North and South Korea.
  • Ganghwa Anglican Church: This historic church, built in 1900, is one of the oldest Anglican churches in Korea. Its beautiful architecture and serene atmosphere make it a must-visit for history and culture enthusiasts.
  • Ganghwa History Museum: Learn about the fascinating history of Ganghwa Island at the Ganghwa History Museum. The museum showcases artifacts and exhibits that depict the island’s past, from prehistoric times to the present day.
  • Ganghwa Seonwonsa Temple: Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Ganghwa Seonwonsa Temple. This Buddhist temple, founded in the 7th century, offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  • Ganghwa Ginseng Spa: Pamper yourself at the Ganghwa Ginseng Spa, known for its rejuvenating ginseng-infused treatments. Indulge in a relaxing massage or soak in a ginseng bath to revitalize your body and mind.

With its picturesque countryside and rich cultural heritage, Ganghwa Island offers a diverse range of attractions for visitors to explore. Whether you’re interested in history, nature, or relaxation, there is something for everyone near Ganghwa Ecopension&Glamping.

Ganghwa Ecopension&Glamping
Ganghwa Ecopension&Glamping
Ganghwa Ecopension&Glamping



789-61, Haeannam-ro, Gilsang-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon, 23051, South Korea
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