Daebudo (Yeongheungdo) Haemaru Pension

Daebudo (Yeongheungdo) Haemaru Pension

Recommended accommodation in Incheon

The Daebudo (Yeongheungdo) Haemaru Pension is an ideal spot for travelers wanting to discover the city. Located in the vibrant city of Incheon, this hotel offers a pleasant stay for both business and leisure travelers.

Convenient Location: Situated in the beautiful region of Yeongheungdo, the Daebudo Haemaru Pension provides easy access to popular attractions and landmarks in Incheon. Guests can explore the city’s rich cultural heritage, visit museums, enjoy shopping at nearby markets, or simply relax on the stunning beaches.

Comfortable Accommodation: The Daebudo Haemaru Pension offers comfortable and well-appointed rooms, ensuring a relaxing stay for all guests. The rooms are designed with modern amenities and stylish decor, providing a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Business and Leisure Travel: Whether you are visiting Incheon for business or leisure, this hotel caters to all your needs. Business travelers will appreciate the hotel’s convenient location and facilities that support productive work. Leisure travelers can enjoy the various recreational activities offered nearby, such as hiking, fishing, and water sports.

Warm Hospitality: The staff at the Daebudo Haemaru Pension is committed to providing warm hospitality and excellent service to make your stay memorable. They are always ready to assist with any inquiries or special requests, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for every guest.

Amenities: The hotel offers a range of amenities to enhance your stay. Guests can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, free parking, and a 24-hour front desk. The on-site restaurant serves delicious local and international cuisine, satisfying your culinary cravings.

Exploring Incheon: From the Daebudo Haemaru Pension, guests can easily explore the nearby attractions. Visit Incheon Bridge, a magnificent architectural marvel, or explore the vibrant Chinatown, known for its delicious street food and traditional markets. The hotel’s convenient location also allows for easy access to Incheon International Airport.

Book Your Stay: Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, the Daebudo Haemaru Pension is the perfect choice for a comfortable and enjoyable stay in Incheon. Experience the warm hospitality, convenient location, and excellent amenities this hotel has to offer. Book your stay now and create unforgettable memories in the vibrant city of Incheon.

Daebudo (Yeongheungdo) Haemaru Pension location:

Places of interest near the accommodation

Touristic places to visit near Daebudo (Yeongheungdo) Haemaru Pension:

Located in the picturesque area of Yeongheung-myeon, Ongjin-gun, Incheon, South Korea, Haemaru Pension offers a comfortable and serene retreat for tourists looking to explore the nearby attractions. With its convenient location and cozy accommodations, it serves as an ideal base for discovering the beauty and charm of this region.

One of the must-visit places near Haemaru Pension is Daebudo Island. Known for its breathtaking natural beauty, Daebudo offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in stunning landscapes and tranquil surroundings. The island is famous for its sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and scenic hiking trails, making it a popular destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

Another notable attraction near Haemaru Pension is the Ongjin Seaside Park. This expansive park stretches along the coast of Ongjin-gun and offers stunning views of the sea. Visitors can enjoy leisurely walks along the promenade, have a picnic on the grassy areas, or simply relax while taking in the picturesque scenery. The park also features various recreational facilities, including sports fields and playgrounds, making it an excellent spot for families with children.

For history buffs, a visit to the Ongjin Historic Fortress is highly recommended. This ancient fortress, built during the Joseon Dynasty, stands as a testament to the region’s rich cultural heritage. Exploring the fortress allows visitors to step back in time and learn about the area’s historical significance. The fortress offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, providing a glimpse into the past while enjoying the beauty of the present.

Nature lovers will delight in a trip to the Jangbongdo Island. This small island is renowned for its diverse flora and fauna, offering a unique opportunity to observe the region’s wildlife up close. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll along the island’s walking trails, where they may encounter various bird species and other fascinating creatures.

Daebudo (Yeongheungdo) Haemaru Pension
Daebudo (Yeongheungdo) Haemaru Pension
Daebudo (Yeongheungdo) Haemaru Pension



31-104, Seonjae-ro 306beon-gil, Yeongheung-myeon, Ongjin-gun, Incheon, South Korea
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